The Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge Are Coming March 11th

The new Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are being released in Australia this Friday the 11th March and I will be at the

Telstra Store Mt Barker Shop 3, 13-15 McLaren Street, Mt. Barker between 9 – 3 for the release.




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  1. The Galaxy S7 is really fast as it comes equipped with Exynos 8890 Octa octa-core processor It is also great for gaming.
  2. The Galaxy S7 carries the IP68 rating against water/dirt and is rated to withstand more than 30 minutes submerged in 1.5 meters of water, you shouldn’t ever have to worry about taking the phone to a pool or if you drop it into the toilet.( Just make sure to dry it off before charging)
  3. The Galaxy S7 can support micro SD cards ( well done Samsung for listening to customers )all the way up to 200GB in size, giving you more than enough space to store your entire collection of home videos, movies, or TV shows
  4. Low light photography is one thing that smartphones have not done as well as they could. Taking photos with the Galaxy S5 and S6 in anything but well lit environments ( they did this very well ) could lead to excessive noise, images with low detail and poor color reproduction. For the Galaxy S7, Samsung has included a new camera sensor from Sony with pixels that are 56% larger than those on the Galaxy S6 and capable of capturing 96% more light and Samsung’s new Dual Pixel system helps the phone focus really quickly, even in poor light conditions
  5. The Galaxy S7’s display is 24% brighter than the S6 which should help in brightly lit conditions when you are outdoors. It also has a new intelligent “Personalized Automatic Brightness Control” that learns from the user and stores the brightness levels you set for the different light levels around you.
  6. Samsung have included a larger battery in the S7. That’s an increase from the S6. This battery should have no problem taking you throughout the entire day. The Galaxy S7 will now always display the time, date, calendar, or notifications on the top half of its display, reducing the amount of times you’ll need to wake your phone to check for these sorts of things. This not only cuts back on notification anxiety but should save battery life as well.
  7. The Galaxy S7 features Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 technology to charge your phone about 75% faster than using a standard charger and it has Wireless Fast Charging support which means you can charge the Galaxy S7 with just about any wireless charging accessory

In the meantime checkout these ads from Samsung which highlight the features of the new phones 

Author: Adelaide Techguy

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