Spectre & Meltdown are vulnerabilities that are affecting basically all computer , smartphone and tablet users .

So what can Spectre do ?

If you go to a site and have to enter user names – passwords etc they can be captured by the computer chip , then if you have a vulnerability ( Malware etc ) on your device then those passwords and details can be transmitted from your device / computer.

More information can be found here:Spectre & Meltdown

So what do you do ?

Do your updates , Apple have released patches this morning for both computers Mac OS and for their portable devices iOS , you should do these updates as soon as possible.

Microsoft released patches last week , check for Windows updates but be aware that some 3rd party antivirus products have not allowed the updates to come through as they are playing catchup.Make sure your antivirus product is up to date , then try again.Customers with older PCs may want to wait before installing the update as issues are occurring , please read below.

Microsoft’s Spectre fix bricks PCs with older AMD CPUs



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