The Superfish Problem

The software Superfish has been discovered on certain Lenovo computers which is a security flaw that could let hackers impersonate shopping, banking and other websites and steal users credit card numbers and other personal data.

Lenovo has apologised for pre-loading the computers with Superfish’s visual search software, which captures images that users view online, such as a sofa or pair of shoes, and then shows them ads for similar products.

Superfish which is an image recognition algorithm may not be a security risk.

However the problem came about because Superfish used software from another company that can “eavesdrop” when Internet users visit secure or encrypted websites.

Superfish replaced the encryption code on websites with its own easily-hacked code, according to several researchers.

The Department of Homeland Security issued a notice saying Lenovo customers should remove Superfish software because of the hacking dangers.

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