The Wifi Modem Router

The Mysteries Of The Wifi Modem Router

All routers can be accessed by entering an address into the browser address bar at the top of your internet page 

The addresses are ip addresses such as or they will come with a web address such as – if you don’t know the address , Google your router name 

You will then need to enter a user name and password to access your router – If you don’t know this try which will show you your user name and password

You can change the name of your router but what should you call your router?

  • Not your name 
  • Not the name of the maker ( Netgear , Belkin etc )

What security setting should you use ?

  • WPA2

Once inside the router what can you do ? ( some uses will depend on the brand )

  • Some routers have parental controls that you can activate 
  • Share drives that you have plugged into the router
  • See the attached devices to the router – smartphones , tablets , gaming machines and other computers 

Can I make sure that only certain devices use my wifi ?

  • Yes if you want you can setup mac address for access , as all wifi devices have a mac addresses so you can configure your router to allow only the devices you want  
  • How to find mac addresses – Click here

Want to learn more about networking and routers , try this article from CNET  it a 6 part article and links to the other articles are at the bottom.

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