The Windows 10 November Update Is Here & Can You Stop Windows 10

The Windows 10 update that provides a more well finished version of Windows 10 is now here.

Microsoft Ships the November Update for Windows 10

What New In Windows 10

So should you install Windows 10 on your computer now ?

The answer is maybe. 

Microsoft are determined to get you to install / upgrade to Windows 10 and will soon move it to the automatic updates so it will be increasingly harder for you to avoid.

Windows 10 will become an automatic ‘Recommended’ update next year

So how do you determine whether you should install Windows 10?

  • Do you have older software that you rely on – do some research online to make sure it runs in Windows 10 
  • Did you upgrade your current computer from Windows Vista or Windows XP to Windows 7 – you may have issues
  • Is your hard drive in good condition – Windows 10 can have issues installing when your hard drive has issues.
  • Does Windows update work for you now ? If not you maybe infected with malware 

Before you install Windows 10 , backup your data , including your email (pst file if on Outlook )

Does it take time to install Windows 10 – yes it can take a couple of hours so be patient.

Do you want to stop the Windows 10 update ?

You can try How to Stop Windows 7 or 8 from Downloading Windows 10 Automatically but I can offer no guarantee that it will work or keep on working.

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