This Is Why You Must Back Up

Many computer repairers will wipe your hard drive and reload your operating system when you put a computer in for repairs. 

I recently helped someone who put her laptop in for a new keyboard and the repairer replaced:

  • The Keyboard
  • The Hard Drive
  • The Ram

She gave the old hard drive to me in the hope that i would be able to get her documents off the drive , the repairer of the laptop claimed they could not ( they did not try hard enough as I was able to recover all documents ).

  • Did she need her ram changed , no.
  • Did she need a new hard drive , probably not

So when putting your computer in for repairs it pays to ask a few questions.

  • Are you an authorized repairer for the computers brand?
  • Are you going to wipe my hard drive?
  • How long will this job take?

Don’t underestimate the question of time as in Adelaide there was a computer repairer that if you got your computer back within 6 months , yes 6 months , you were doing well.

Remember have a backup schedule.

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