I am always asked about what parents can do to protect children accessing the online world when using the home computer

The first with younger children is making sure the computer is in a clear line of site in the home so that parents are able to see what their children are doing.

Next have a look at the following articles :

The Telstra Gateway Max is a great solution and a great router at controlling times that your children can access the internet.

The next is the use of your router and sending your internet traffic through servers that are configured to your choices and will give you the ability to block unwanted content.

The service I recommend is Open DNS

Open DNS

Open DNS gives you the ability to block adult content , social media sites and video sharing sites

Open DNS is very easy to set up

  • Start an account 
  • Change one setting in your router
  • Then choose what you want to block / configure with open DNS
Go to the WEA site and look for ONE NIGHT ONLY 
Go to the WEA site and look for ONE NIGHT ONLY 

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