Tis The Season For Christmas Scams

Tis The Season For Scams 

  • There is a page floating around on the internet that claims if you perform the steps listed your XBOX one gaming console will be backwards compatible to play old games – All this will do is brick your console 
  • This brings back memories of when iOS7 came out that people were fooled into thinking that iOS7 would protect their device from water, so people were dunking their devices into water and ruining them.
  • There was also the Englishman who thought he was buying an XBox One but all he bought was a picture of one 

The Most Popular Online Scams which are designed to get your personal details / credit card details / banking details 

  • Be wary of deals offering gadgets at too good to be true prices
  • Websites offering great airline or hotel deals 
  • E- Christmas cards – make sure you know the person actually sent it to you as it good be a virus trap
  • Unknown websites offering popular games ( especially if the kids see these ) check reviews 
  • Shipping notification scams – don’t click links in emails from delivery companies and verify company before giving out information
  • There are fake charities / fake dating agencies 

So What To Do and be aware of ?

  • Not everything they tell you on the internet is real 
  • When in doubt , don’t click that link , be it phone , tablet or computer 
  • Buying online , check what you are buying and if it sounds too good to be true it usually is 
  • Be careful about giving your personal details 

Website of The Week


Many would like our children to become the next Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg but where do you start to learn how to code 

Its for adults as well if you want to learn 

Go to code.org , get the children involved and get them to learn something that they can develop into a skill where they can develop apps , games etc and maybe earn mum or dad a billion dollars 

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