Update Adobe – It’s A Security Issue – Come And Hear Me

Go to the WEA site and look for ONE NIGHT ONLY 

Go to the WEA site and look for ONE NIGHT ONLY 

Adobe have again issued a critical update to its flash player as it has become a target for hackers who can take advantage of the vulnerability in the flaws in the software.

This update applies to both Windows and Apple computer users.

Two Adobe products that should always be updated are:

They normally will come with automatic update reminders but many people still choose to ignore them.

These reminders will appear on your desktop and should not be ignored when you are asked to update.

If they are not updated it is a security risk to your computer.

Running the latest version will assist in making sure that your system is not compromised by a malware infection as Adobe products not patched are a security risk.

If you get the option make sure you select the automatic update feature of Adobe.

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