Are you concerned that you maybe infected with malware – virus infections on your computer ?

The question you may ask yourself is:

Why didn’t my antivirus stop this ?

Well there are a myriad of answers to that question:

  • Some antivirus software is not very good
  • You did the wrong thing and as an administrator on your computer it overwrites the antivirus
  • You did not follow my 10 step guide to minimising your risk of infection

So what can you do ?

First: Try AdwCleaner to remove any infections in the browser , however with badly infected computers this may still not work or download.

Second : Reset your browsers back to their default settings and clear the cache.

Third : Try the MRT tool – the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool – This is updated by Microsoft every month with Windows Update – which if you are infected will; not be working either but try the instructions – it will do a scan of your computer for infections.

If these do not work , Contact Me , to arrange for a professional cleanup of your computer which involves me running ” multiple ” pieces of software through your computer. Malware removal is constantly changing and just one piece of software will not ,in most cases ,remove the infection or offending piece of software that resulted in your computer being infected.

I will also attempt to identify for you why you were infected in the first place.

In some cases your computer will have to be wiped and reinstalled from a known good copy of Windows.

You should also follow my 10 STEP GUIDE to minimise the risk of malware / virus infection

Does my smartphone need an antivirus ?

In one word NO.

Mobile phones have enhanced security with apps sandboxed from one another, and therefore, are extremely secure.

Android can detect if a “bad app ” is installed and then Google can stop it plus remember to only install apps from reputable sources ( The Google Play Store )

iPhones definitely do not need an antivirus and if you install one it will do little.

Can I Change My Antivirus ?

Yes , details can be found here