Virus-Malware-Crypto Advice


Are you infected with malware – virus infections on your computer ?

Are there pop-ups always appearing in your browser.

First: Try AdwCleaner to remove any infections in the browser , however with badly infected computers this may still not work or download.

If you are on a mac try : Malwarebytes Anti-Malware For Mac

Second : Reset your browsers back to their default settings and clear the cache.

Third : Try the MRT tool

If these do not work , Contact Me , to arrange for a professional cleanup of your computer which involves me running ” multiple ” pieces of software through your computer. Malware removal is constantly changing and just one piece of software will not ,in most cases ,remove the infection or offending piece of software that resulted in your computer being infected.

I will also identify for you why you were infected in the first place.

In some cases your computer will have to be wiped and reinstalled from a known good copy of Windows.

You should also follow my 10 STEP GUIDE to minimise the risk of malware / virus infection

If you have Cryptolocker or are trying to prevent Cryptolocker , check out this article Ransomware – Cryptolocker – It Is Getting Worse