VPN’s – Can They Protect You From Malware

VPNs appear to advertise that they are a security solution to not getting your computer infected.

So, will installing a VPN prevent you from getting malware / virus infections?

In a word, no, there really is no way a regular VPN can protect you from viruses. When you use a VPN, the maker of the VPN will tell you that your privacy will be safer than not using one.

So if you were to click suspicious email attachments or download sketchy files online, a VPN can do nothing to protect you.

It’s up to you to check whether the website you’re browsing is trustworthy or not , look at the email attachment you are about to open and check the address plus you should practice safety measures by always checking everything you download.

VPNs can also cause issues with mail and browsing on a smartphone so tread warily.

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