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What is Cryptolocker ?

  • Cryptolocker is malicious software that encrypts files and asks for a ransom to make them available again .
  • This software is constantly changing to avoid detection 
  • Was there money to be made from this , the “mastermind “ from Russia who was arrested reportedly made $100 million dollars 

How do You Get Cryptolocker ?

  • This occurs after you click a link in an email 
  • This link will be something that looks like it was from Australia Post , Telstra , Energy Australia currently , asking you to confirm your details .

Files on your computer and network drives are then encrypted and a ransom demanded within a certain timeframe , you can have in some cases only 72 hours before a decryption key is supplied to unlock files. If no ransom is paid, the hackers threaten to never allow access to the files

Large organisations should not be susceptible for this as their IT departments can and should be able to block these attacks as the email contains a “ disguised “ executable file 
There are many tools to make sure this does not occur .

Prevent Cryptolocker

  • This software is available at  Cryptoprevent which will prevent executables running 
  • There is more information on Cryptolocker and how to prevent it at Bleeping Computer , however if you do not know what you are doing get a knowledgable IT professional to assist.

So What Are Your Options?

If you have a backup , do not pay the ransom , anywhere from $300 – $1000 , your computer will need to be wiped and a known good copy of your Windows operating system installed and your files reinstalled from the backup 

No backup , you can pay the ransom , hope that you get the recovery key to restore your files

There is a decryption website that maybe able to break the encryption and get your files back – if this works you will still have to wipe your computer and reinstall 


Do You Have Cryptolocker ?

Clicked a link and not sure whether you have Cryptocker or not 

Run Cryptolocker scan tool 

Protestors in Hong Kong 

Protestors in Hong Kong clicked a link in a message and installed a rogue app on their phones ( would have been android users )

Don’t click links in messages

Protesters in Hong Kong Are Targets of Scrutiny Through Their Phones

FBI Ransomware Comes To Android Devices

If you receive this on your Android phone it means you have installed a rogue app , follow the instructions in the link to remove it

Make Use Of – FBI Ransomware

Still Running Windows XP?

Still running Windows XP , it may pay you to read this and action the steps.

So You’re Not Making The Move From Windows XP


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