What Did I Discuss On Radio Today – W/C 3rd Nov

Come And Meet Me

I will be at the Stirling Digital Hub this friday night the 7th Nov delivering a talk on computers , tablets and smartphones and doing a Q & A – this is a FREE event 

Bookings can be made via the website for the Stirling Digital Hub

Views On Downloading & Piracy

I am not encouraging piracy but view this as old media hanging onto to an outdated business model and the Industry I Believe , in this country encourages downloading  

  • Movies that will never be released here
  • TV shows being shown weeks / months after their broadcast around the world – or not shown at all – people do not want to wait – we are the instant society 
  • Due to the internet we know when these are shown
  • Cost of going to the movies in the US $8 , that’s the equivalent of $9 Tuesday every day 
  • Should we be paying the same price for every film – some films are not worth the $18 to see 
  • In the United States they have Netflix @ $8 a month , Hulu @ $8 a month – Foxtel full package $130 a month 
  • The lack of high def content on commercial tv which is the governments fault 

What Do I Need To Keep Up To Date?

  • Windows updates – not all are done automatically , check the optional ones
  • Software updates – Adobe , Java , Microsoft Office
  • Internet Browsers – Chrome , Firefox ( should be set to automatic )
  • Portable devices – tablets – smartphones – Android , iOS , App updates

Your first line of defence against malware / virus infection is keeping everything up to date 

Crap App Of The Week

One for the romantics – Will you marry me , an app to ask whether your intended will or will not marry you. If you need to use the app , I think the answer will be , No 

Will You Marry Me 

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