What Did I Discuss On Radio – W/C 13th Oct

The Snappening

  • Images from up to 200,000 people using Snapchat a mobile phone app which allows people to send photos to each other but which delete themselves within seconds of being viewed – were tempted into using a site called “Snapsaved.com” have now been uploaded to the internet.
  • Snapsaved offered to let them use the service on a website on a desktop computer, rather than just on a mobile phone.
  • By getting a user’s username and password, the site could authorise itself to Snapchat’s servers, and receive or send pictures they viewed through it but could also store it without the knowledge of the user or Snapchat.
  • However Snapsaved appears to have been saving the users’ login details and storing the photos and videos that were posted. 
  • Remember – If you use these apps be aware that they will be saved “ somewhere “ 
  • Remember – Snapchat need to save the photos to comply with US government requirements for 6 months – they do not disappear or deleted
  • Using other apps that access Snapchat and giving them your Snapchat details is a recipe for disaster 
  • “It is suspected, but not so far proven, that those behind the scam are linked to those responsible for the collection and posting in August of personal and often nude photos taken by hundreds of celebrities, including Jennifer Lawrence and Kim Kardashian. The celebrity photo leak began with discussions on one of the 4chan discussion forums, and the latest photos have also come via 4chan leaks.”


Cryptolocker – The Virus That Encrypts Your Files 

There is software that can tell you if you have been infected with Cryptolocker 

Cryptolocker Scan Tool

Software To Stop Cryptolocker Running 


Software To Retrieve the Encryption Key 


iPhone Activation Lock

Apple have a website to check whether the iPhone you are about to buy has the activation lock off ( this means you will be able activate it )
If it is on, it maybe stolen 
Do not buy unless you can see it turn on with your own eyes and the activation lock is off 

iPhone Activation Lock Website

Buying A Desktop Or Laptop Computer

Do some research into the company if you are buying a brand name computer

  • Have they had mass layoffs overseas
  • Are they leaving Australia 
  • Ask about support – if something goes wrong , how long will it take to get it back 
  • Do they have a local service centre 

Crap App Of The Week

Hang Time

This app measures how high you can throw your phone in the air – what could go wrong with that 

And guess what they will charge you $1.29 for the privilege

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