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Ebola Phising Scams

We have seen this now that with every disaster such as the missing Malaysian Airlines flight , social media is used by cyber criminals to latch onto , as a tactic to persuade people to click links and perhaps even hand over their private information to dodgy sites.

Phishing emails may contain links that direct users to websites which collect personal information such as login credentials, or contain malicious attachments that can infect a system.

Please double check anything you receive via email or see on social media related to Ebola, like emailed warnings, web-alerts, news updates and possibly even videos.

The only way to get news about this is straight from a reputable source. 

Also, do not fall for fake websites that solicit online donations for Ebola victims. Verify the site is legit before you donate anything. 

“Think Before You Click!”

iOS 8.1 is now available

  • The mobile operating system for iPhones and iPads is available , download it now as it will fix a lot of issues.

Details of iOS8.1 update

Lollipop Is Coming
The successor to Kit Kat – The google operating system for their devices

Some of the new features include:

  • A fix battery issues with apps
  • Improved notifications
  • Encrypt your data
  • Will slowly trickle down to third party makers , Samsung etc
  • Better software support for cameras

More details on Lollipop

Google have new tablets coming , the Nexus 9 , just the Google experience with no third party software

Details on the Nexus 9

New iPads Out Friday – the iPad Air 2

Features Include

  • 18% thinner 6.1mm and weighs 437g – the last one was 7.5mm thick
  • Not as reflective outside in the sun – thank goodness
  • 40% faster – great for photo and video editing
  • Same 10 hour battery life
  • Touch ID
  • Same camera as the iPhone 6 – great camera

iPad Air 2 Details

Batteries For Phones And Tablets
How long do they last?

  • There is an amount of charge cycles that you can do to a battery – between 300 -500 cycles

Lithium-ion batteries work in charge cycles.

You complete one charge cycle when you’ve used (discharged) an amount that equals 100 per cent of your battery’s capacity — but not necessarily all from one charge.
The capacity of any type of battery will diminish after a certain amount of recharging. With lithium-ion batteries, the capacity diminishes slightly with each complete charge cycle.

Is it ok to keep charging them ? – Yes they should not over charge

Apple Printer Drivers

If you are looking for drivers for your printer to work with Macs it may pay you if the manufacturers driver is not available to look at the Gutenprint Website

Android Permissions

Your flashlight on your smartphone is not transmitting your information to Russia or China

Crap App Of The Week 

Taxi Hold Em

Hold up a taxi sign with your phone 

Upcoming Talk
I am also doing a talk at the WEA next wed the 29th on :Making The Move To Apple

Details can be found here

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