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Should You Be Using Your Computer In An Electrical Storm

  • It’s long been known that frequent electrical storms and power outages can damage electronic devices.
  • The real danger of blackouts is the unexpected computer shutdown.
  • Operating systems must go through a “shutdown sequence” to make sure all running processes have correctly terminated before powering off. A sudden loss of electricity can interrupt important threads and leave your computer in an inoperable state.
  • Frequent power outages can reduce a hard drive’s physical lifespan. The read-and-write head, which hovers over the spinning platters during operation, snaps back into its original position upon power loss.
  • This sudden movement can cause tiny imperfections that accumulate over time, increasing the likelihood of a “head crash”: a malfunction that occurs when the head touches and scrapes the platter surfaces, effectively destroying the hard drive.

What Can You Do ?

  • The only foolproof way to protect your computer against electrical anomalies is to unplug it completely until the danger has passed. 
  • Flipping your power switch to “off” isn’t going to cut it. 
  • This is the only method of protection with a 100 percent success rate against power outages and power surges.
  • You’ll want a surge protector. This looks like a bulkier version of a power strip (the two are not the same), will attempt to divert electrical surges away from the devices plugged into it. 
  • Against power outages, you’ll want an uninterruptible power supply. This apparatus contains a backup battery that will continue to provide power to your computer even when your power goes out. Most UPS devices only last a few minutes, but that should be enough time for you to issue a proper shutdown.

Don’t Open Random Powerpoint Presentations In Emails 

Microsoft has warned that hacked presentations e-mailed to users and hacked presentations sitting on the internet could be potentially dangerous.

By opening them an ” attacker ” could take complete control of a system, then install programs; view, change, or delete data; or create new accounts with full user rights.

The short version: avoid all but the most-trusted PowerPoint presentations right now.

Windows XP – Support Has Ended

I had 3 calls on Monday and one email with people who are having issues with their Windows XP computer.
If your data and or programs mean that much make the move or find a maker who will give you a dual boot system.

What To Do If You Are Still On Windows XP

Subscription Based Software

Microsoft offer Office 365 which can give you the latest version of Office ( Office 2013 ) for 5 users for about $119 a year.
This also gives you a version of word , excel and powerpoint for your iPad and soon Android tablets
However Microsoft are about to increase their online storage through One Drive to unlimited , this is great news for businesses and individuals so they don’t lose anything.

Read more about the announcement here:Microsoft Announce Unlimited Storage For One Drive 

Crap App Of The Week

Cry Translator

This app will translate what your baby is trying to tell you 

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