What Did I Talk About On Radio w/c 14th April

Heartbleed Security

  • Only change your passwords if you know the site you use has been patched 
  • Consider changing to a password manager
  • Turn on 2 factor authentication if it is available for your site , check if your site is available here 
  • More details on Heartbleed and whether your site has been patched can be checked here 

Install A Password Manager


Security On An Android Device

Concerned about security on an Android device , what do you need to do ?

Make sure your device is running the latest version of Android that it can , check in settings in case it has not updated automatically

Only download apps from the Google play store 

Install Lookout which will tell you if you are downloading a suspect app 

Lookout will

  • Protect your device from malware
  • Scan every app to ensure it’s safe
  • Block malicious websites
  • See which apps access your private info 

Windows XP Myths
There are still many people running Windows XP and the “ crackpot theories “ are flowing on how to keep using the operating system and stay safe.

•    If I switch to Firefox that will save me , no 
•    Safari will save me , no 
•    AVG , antivirus will save me , no 

These tips may help for a while 

So You Did Not Switch From Windows XP

App Of The Week 

Facetune is an app that you can use to adjust your looks in a photo ( selfie ) before you post online.

Facetune will remove blemishes , whiten your teeth , remove dark circles and is available for the iPhone and iPad

For Facetune on the app store – click Here

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