What Did I Talk About On Radio w/c 28th April – Updated

Internet Explorer

There is a new bug in Internet Explorer that Microsoft will need to patch on their update cycle that will allow computers to be infected by ” drive -by downloads ”  and allow hackers to take over your computer remotely.

So what can you do ?

  1. Swap browsers to Google Chrome and wait for the patch from Microsoft which will be here on patch tuesday next month.
  2. Run as a limited user , go into your control panel , then accounts , make another account , give it administration rights and a password. Then go back to your account and make it a standard user account which means you will not be able to install anything without a password and neither can malicious software now.

If you are running Windows XP , you are out of luck for this exploit and you should be using Google Chrome , have a look at my  Windows XP advice 

Electronic Devices – How Much Do They Cost To Run ?

Based this on 36c per kwh

  • Tablet $4.30 a year
  • Mobile Phones .75c a year
  • Laptop $26 a year 
  • Desktop Computer $108 a year 

Email Advice

When sending an email there are 3 ways to address it.

All email programs have a To: line which is for the main recipient or recipients of the email , every address you put in here is supposed to be the main recipient of the email.

Next is the CC which stands for Carbon Copy , this in effect is you are not the main recipient but i wanted you to see a copy.

Then there is the BCC which stands for Blind Carbon Copy , 

A Bcc (blind carbon copy; also BCC) is a copy of an email message sent to a recipient whose email address does not appear in the message.

This is in contrast to To and Cc recipients, whose addresses do appear in the To and CC lines. Every recipient of the message can see all the To and Cc recipients, but does not know about Bcc recipients.

So how would you use it

I bcced Charlie on this message, but I think it’s better Fred doesn’t know.

App Of The Week

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45 head (and crotch) scratching levels

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