What Did We Learn About Uploading To The Cloud This Week ?

At a time when we should be embracing the cloud we had the ” nude photo scandal ” this week where photos of celebrities were accessed and ” stolen” from their online accounts.

First they came out and blamed Apple as it was supposedly an iCloud issue.

Apple have addressed this : Tim Cook :iCloud security will be strengthened

So how do we think they accessed these photos

  • Poor passwords
  • Same passwords for multiple accounts
  • Poor answers to security questions ( mothers name for example can be found on Wikipedia)
  • Failure to turn on 2 factor authentication

Make no mistake this was a “targeted ” attack on these celebrities not your everyday user.

Targeted attacks like this stretch the security on all services and the average home and business user would have little to nothing to worry about if they addressed the above issues.

Remember every time you use the flexiteller at the bank you are using the cloud , embrace the cloud don’t shun it and if you have photos of yourself that you may not want the world to see , don’t save them to the internet.


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