What Do We Know About Passwords & Some Password Tips

“Intel conducted a survey in April, of which 521 respondents were Australian, to find out about people’s password habits and made some concerning findings:”

  • Australians have an average of 26 different personal and business-related accounts that require a password
  • 33 per cent of Australians forget a password at least once a week
  • 68 per cent of Australians don’t know what 2 factor authentication is – this is where you give your mobile phone number to the company ( Apple , Microsoft , Google , Facebook etc ) and a code is sent to your mobile that you will need to enter in to authorise that this is indeed you – Details of 2 Factor Authentication
  • 20 per cent of Australians have regretted sharing a password with a family member or friend in the past – this is common amongst teens and should be addressed by parents
  • 53 per cent of Australians would prefer to use thumbprint recognition and 20 per cent would prefer to use an eye scanner to login into their accounts instead of the traditional password

Password Tips To Keep You Secure

  • Try and use unique passwords for every account
  • Change your passwords regularly
  • Stop using one word passwords – your name and a number is a poor choice
  • Lock your mobile with a PIN or password – many people do not
  • Enable 2-factor authentication – as above
  • Let a password manager memorise your passwords

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