What I Discussed on Radio – Adelaide Techguy – W/C 21st July – Updated

Mystery Software Will Not Fix your Computer 

There are still people that think that downloading some sort of mystery program such as a registry cleaner , speed up my pc etc will fix there computer problems 


Don’t waste your money , time or your computer by buying or downloading these.

We Exist On An A Need To Know Basis And In Business Here Are Some Things You Need To Know

I have seen 2 businesses grind to a halt over not knowing details about their online

  • Who hosts your domain ? / Can you login and see your details
  • Can you access your emails online / Who has my email account / What’s my email password?
  • What if the person who designed my website and has all this information disappears?
  • If you are listed on Google ( and you should be , check that your details are correct ) , location , contact and hours need to be correct , remember Google is the new white and yellow pages

Cannot Connect To The Internet
Is it the modem – they do not last forever – Some modems are a security risk which can transmit your data without you knowing.

Click this link to the right to test your router: TEST YOUR ROUTER

Look at the lights on the modem , there is an adsl light on there ( Phone Symbol ) , no light , no phone line , no internet
Know your login to the internet which comes from your isp and your password
Be aware that all isps other than Telstra will not be able to test your phone line and this can take up to 48 hours
Make sure you have security on your modem for wifi
Change the login for your router from the default – most people never do this
Learn how to login to your router and check for updates
Be aware that some ISPs will attempt to charge you to send someone out to diagnose your internet connections

Have An Android Phone – Be Aware Of What You Agree To When Installing Apps

It may pay you to look at the desktop description in the Google Play Store which has far more detail on what permissions you are giving that app
Why would a simple chase game need access to the microphone , gps location
Look out for :

  • Directly call phone numbers permission can be used to dial revenue-generating numbers belonging to baddies
  • Send SMS messages permission can eat into your text messaging allowance
  • Read your contacts and Add or modify calendar events and send email to guests without owners’ knowledge are two permissions that you should be extremely wary of.
  • Modifying or deleting the contents of your USB storage permission allows data tomfoolery, like uploading private camera images to a server.

Talk On Security – Malware

I am at the WEA on Tuesday the 6th August giving a presentation about online security , malware , virus prevention – Click Here For Details

App Of The Week


Great for DIY people and you can learn how to make nearly everything from a Death Star Ball Game to a motorised toy car to a dining table.

iOS Instructables Link

Android Instructables Link

Windows Instructables Link

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