What Is A DDoS Attack And Could You Be Contributing

You will hear a bit about this as a teenager in Adelaide has been arrested for supposedly conducting one.

Teen Charged Over Cyber Attacks

So what is a DDoS attack ?

First DDoS stands for ” Distributed Denial Of Service ” 

A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is an attempt to make an online service unavailable by overwhelming it with traffic from multiple sources. They target a wide variety of important resources, from banks to news websites, and present a major challenge to making sure people can publish and access important information.


Think of it this way , imagine a business suddenly receiving 5000 phone calls from a variety of sources that arrive all at once but these calls do not stop.

If you have a malware / virus infected computer you may actually be contributing to the attacks.

Attackers build networks of infected computers, known as ‘botnets’, by spreading malicious software through emails, websites and social media. Once infected, these machines can be controlled remotely, without their owners’ knowledge, and used like an army to launch an attack against any target. Some botnets are millions of machines strong.


You therefore have a responsibility to keep your computer free of malware and infections.

Please find below my comments from Channel 7 news on the DDoS story

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