What Is Radio Frequency Interference ?

I recently bought a HPM Entertainment Powerboard because it came with a RFI Power Filter.

RFI stands for Radio Frequency Interference.

On the back of the packet they give an explanation of RFI

” Radio Frequency Interfernce ( RFI or Electromagnetic ,EFI) can be caused by radio signals , mobile phones , wireless routers , some weather conditions , motors in household appliances , fluorescent lights , loose wiring conditions , power surges and spikes.

In Australia electricity is supplied to your power points at a frequency of 50mhz.

This signal can become noisy due to RFI , meaning the signal is no longer a clean constant 50mhz.

This power board has a torroidal choke coil to help provide a clean power signal to your devices.”

If you experience a hum or feedback on some of your devices this maybe the answer.

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