What To Do About Spam – Junk Email – Stop It Before It Lands On My Device

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There are 2 initial ways for people to try and stop spam or unwanted emails from appearing on your devices.

  1. Filter them after they arrive  on your computer / tablet / smartphone- this means tagging them as spam or junk and moving them to a spam folder. This does mean they will arrive on your computer / tablet / smartphone , then you have to do something about them.
  2. Filter them before they arrive on your computer / tablet / smartphone which means doing it at your internet service providers online email page ( webmail ).This means they will not appear on your computers / smartphone / tablet inbox. This does take time to work as you have to train the email client to recognise the unwanted emails and delete them. However doing it at your ISP webmail page means them not being downloaded to your device where you have to do a local actioning of junk and spam email as in point 1.

If you are being undated with junk / spam emails you could let Google and Gmail handle your email as they can filter out all your junk / spam emails ( there is still some training to do to monitor what they are classing as spam / junk.

In Outlook and Gmail it is Rules and Labels to filter email

A final point – in many cases – unsubscribing will result in even more emails coming to your device.

The diagram below should assist in helping you understand the email flow from the ISP to your device.

Email Flow



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  1. Good tips Richard. Cant believe no one has left comments before me. Very helpful to know there is a difference between stopping at the ISP level. Thanks

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