Internet Connection Issues – Here Are Some Tips

So your Internet connection has stopped working or your internet has dropped out and you are about to spend a great deal of time with your ISP support on the phone , here are some steps to take before you make that support call.

Look at your router

Is the “ phone light on “- this means the router is talking to the exchange , if it is flashing there maybe an issue

Is the internet light working – if not you may have to reenter your settings

  This means logging onto your router and checking that your settings are still there

This is done by opening up a blank webpage and entering in an address or a series of numbers then a user name and password – check your routers instruction manual for details or maybe do a Google Search on your smartphone.An address example is

Learning how to do this can save you hours of time on the phone

If your router is more than a few years old you may need a new one

If your wireless stops working on your laptop , plug an Ethernet cable from the laptop straight into the router to see if internet is still available

On your laptop , learn how to make sure your wireless is switched on

Do not ring your internet service provider if you cannot get onto Facebook , your online email account such as Google , that is not their job , that’s a problem at your end

Finally : Have you turned it off left it for a minute then turned it back on

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