Where To Find The iPhone In Adelaide Tomorrow

It’s iPhone day tomorrow and you need to be prepared to queue if you after one but where is your best bet to make sure you get the one you want.

First there will be a big queue at the Apple Store ( currently 80 people in the line ) and while it maybe fun to join the queue I would , based on past experience go to the Telstra Stores as they are Australia’s largest telco.

The stores I would target are the city stores in Rundle Mall and in Pirie St.

For people in the Adelaide Hills I would go to the Telstra Store in Mount Barker.

Finally the Telstra store in Murray Bridge.

Remember get there EARLY , take details or a copy of your phone account , identification (drivers license etc ) and remember to be patient.

Also remember that supplies of the 5.5inch iPhone plus maybe limited if we believe the rumours.

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