Why Did Windows 10 Install By Itself On My Computer ?

I am receiving numerous calls saying Windows 10 just appeared and I had no way of stopping it.

This appears to be with people not reading items on their screen.

In Windows update the following will appear.

This is in the optional updates.

So if you do not want Windows 10 at that time and my strong advice is to wait for about 3 months , DO NOT PUT THE TICK IN IT.

if you leave the tick in , it will run and install.

4 thoughts on “Why Did Windows 10 Install By Itself On My Computer ?

  1. Hi RichardYour strong advice on your website not to install windows 10 for 3 months seems to be at odds with your radio ad today for Harvey Norman when you were espousing the benefits of windows 10 and to get with it – so what advice do we follow on this your free advice or your paid advice?RegardsEric

  2. Thanks Eric but no , I have said on radio on numerous occasions that Windows 10 on a new computer is fine and a great experience , the problems are lying with people who upgrade their computers to Windows 10 from Windows 7 , 8 and 8.1

  3. I very intentionally did not accept the "upgrade" each time it was offered. But one day I arrived at a meeting and went to use Power point for a presentation and, behold Windows was in the process of installing windows 10. It was not until I had to accept the license that I had any say and it said if I don’t accept the license ads go BACK to windows 8.1 it will take a long time, which I didn’t have at the moment. This is a new low for Microsoft. A very far low. I wonder if we can have grounds for a class action suit based on the fact that their enforced "updates" can cost valuable business time and the fact they are messing with a device they do not own. Yes, they own the software but they don’t own my computer.

  4. Windows 10 started installing on my computer in the middle of my work. No notice just poof it was installing. I read that Microsoft said that windows 10 is not installing without permission, well I NEVER gave it permission and like I said it downloaded in the middle of my work. My time is valuable and Microsoft owes me for my lost time having to deal with this kinda crap. SHAME on MICROSOFT for doing this.

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