Why I Setup iCloud On Apple Devices

I always turn on iCloud on clients devices ( computers , iPhones , iPads ) for the following reasons: 


iCloud will keep a copy of your contacts , calendar information , reminders , emails , photos and documents ( created with pages , numbers and keynote ) in the cloud  

Its All About The Sync

Get an iPhone and only ever had an iPad , iCloud will get and sync your information with your new device. 

Change a contact on one device , its changed on all devices  

Change an appointment on one device it’s changed on all devices  


Need to get into your iCloud account from another computer , just log into http://www.icloud.com with your Apple ID and password and you can access all your data.

Where Are My Devices? 

Want to know where your devices are ? Just log into iCloud and if you have turned on ” Find My iPhone / iPad: you can see the location of your devices.  

Really handy if they have been stolen or misplaced. 

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