Computer running slow – Here are some reasons as to why your computer is not as fast as it used to be.

  • Startup programs – too many are running at startup that you do not need
  • Reboot and Shutdown – you should be doing it on a regular basis – daily
  • Backup programs – did someone install one too many backup programs on your computer
  • RAM – do you have enough RAM in your computer
  • Hard drive is almost full – Files that are need for programs to run are stored on your drive and as space runs out they cease to operate or slow up
  • Hardware – your hard drive is failing or you have a component that is failing
  • Power – you plug your computer into a powerboard that cost you very little from the hardware store and expect it to run properly ( you get what you pay for with powerboards )

As you can see there are reasons why your computer maybe running slower than it used to , if you would like me to assess and fix an issue with your computer do not hesitate to CONTACT ME

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