Why Not Consider A DSLR ?

We are taking more photos than ever before , in fact I read that this year we will have taken more photos than have been taken to date 

It is anticipated that 880 billion photos will be taken in 2014

How many photos are uploaded to :

  • Facebook 208,300 every minute
  • Instagram 27,800 every minute
  • YouTube 100 hours of video will be uploaded every minute

Thinking about buying a camera for Christmas then why not buy a Digital SLR, they have never been cheaper or been better made 

Why buy a Digital SLR

  • A lens for every occasion – sport , close up ( keep your lenses when you swap your body )
  • Faster power up , response time and zoom
  • Rapid frame rate
  • Better auto focus and precise manual focus
  • Better low light shooting
  • Better image quality 
  • Hi Definition video 

Backup Your Photos
How do you back up your photos online ?

  • Windows 8 , windows 8.1 will automatically upload your photos to Skydrive , their online storage in the cloud
  • Dropbox , for a cost of about $100 you can have 100GB of storage on the internet and Dropbox will automatically backup your photos when you load new ones onto your computer

Software Pick Of The Week
One For The Photographers

Up to 2nd Dec you can get Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom for $9.99 month 
Windows and Mac editions

If you were to buy the software
•    Lightroom $397 
•    Photoshop $1000

Adobe Photoshop Photography Program 

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