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Windows 10 Installation

Windows 10 is appearing on peoples computers now and some are having issues when installing.

Remember there is NO RUSH you have a full year to upgrade.

The size of the download for Windows 10 will be about 3GB so when you are downloading , make sure you leave your computer on.

You will be notified when you can install Windows 10 and if you do not have the notification it probably is because Microsoft may not have the ” drivers ” for your computer , so my advice “wait”.

Key Security Feature

Its more secure – Windows updates are mandatory , they will be downloaded to your computer and you can choose when to install (if you must) or just install them .


The Start Menu is back , showing all your programs , along with “ Live Tiles ‘ which you had seen in Windows 8

Windows 10 Reservation Icon

Many would have seen the Windows 10 icon appear in the bottom right hand side of their desktop asking for you to reserve a copy so it can be progressively downloaded before the release date.

Some consumers are not seeing this but have no fear you will get Windows 10 if you are running Windows 7 , 8 or 8.1. ( If you are running a genuine copy )

if you do not see the icon but want to get Windows 10 now checkout this article from PC World but remember you have a year to get the upgrade. 

However you may run into issues when installing the one direct from Microsoft as this is a ” generic ” version which may not contain all the drivers necessary for your machine and you may have to go ” on the hunt ” for more drivers after installing.

Also Windows 10 may appear in Windows update : Details Here

How To Skip The Line And Get Your Free Windows 10 Upgrade Right Now 

So What Is My Opinion ?

I like Windows 10 , I have installed Windows 10 on my Microsoft Surface and that went without an issue.

It runs well , the layout is good , the apps work well , the start menu is back.

The calendar and mail apps are a vast improvement with the mail app now supporting pop accounts and online accounts such as Gmail and really well.

This is the operating system we should have had after Windows 7 but all good things take time.

Will there be upgrade issues for some , sure there will , as with any upgrade and because many people run a ” different ” setup but these issues will be overcome in time.

Windows 10 Questions

If you have any questions on Windows 10 , here are some links to articles including a great step by step article including how to tell if you may have compatibly issues with your current setup before moving forward.

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8 thoughts on “Windows 10 – Out Now – Tips & Advice

  1. I’ll really miss Windows Media Centre. I’ve used it primarily to watch TV and DVDs, but unfortunately, Media Centre won’t make it through to Windows 10. I’ve found a substitute VDR (TV) program – SichboPVR, and it looks like I may have to move to VLC Media Player. No drama.

  2. Downloaded okay but will not run.athwb.sys errorkeeps running around in a loop, will not load Windows 10Cannot access computer at all , blue screen ????

  3. I installed windows 10, over windows 7 with no problems. I backed up all my important stuff first just in case. One thing I have noticed is the date on the bottom is in mm/dd/yyyy format and when I change it to dd/mm/yyyy it messes with my accounting program. Previous to windows 10, the accounting program was ok with the ‘aussie’ way, but not now.

  4. I have installed Windows 10 twice on my Lenovo New Ideas desktop but each time my Bluetooth keyboard and mouse were not connected so am unable to do anything at all even though the installation is successful. I have reverted to Windows. After the first time went back to 7 I paid for and downloaded a driver tool kit because my drivers were out of date. I successfully downloaded and installed all the out of date driver went ahead and re-installed Windows 10 to find that my Bluetooth mouse and keyboard were again disconnected. What do you suggest? Thank you.

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