Windows 10 Update Not Working – Programs Not Needed Maybe A Reason

I have seen several computers that when they try to update to Windows 10 it basically “sticks “and turns into a ” brick ‘ so what do you do ?

First you need to start or try to start your computer in safe mode.

Start Windows 10 In Safe Mode

If windows 10 starts in safe mode you can then move onto the next steps.

Look for programs that maybe stopping Windows 10 loading and on the computers I have seen that is usually a ” bogus” program that is a:

  • Driver Updater ( Not Needed )
  • Speed Up My PC type program ( bogus ) – not needed
  • Utilities program – SlimCleaner ( bogus ) – not needed
  • Registry Program – clean up the registry – not needed

Complete removal of these programs with an application such as Geek Uninstaller  usually does the trick and then scan your computer for malware after removing these.

The above programs or similar are not needed on any computer and even though you may see a ” Microsoft Certified Logo or partner logo as the one underneath , remember I got this from the internet and so did they.

If you are having issues with your computer these programs will not fix it.

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