Windows 10 – You Can Still Upgrade From 7 & 8


It’s been almost five months since Windows 7 reached the end of its extended support period. However it is still the second most popular operating system behind Windows 10.

With Windows 7 no longer receiving patches for newly discovered vulnerabilities, it’s increasingly at risk from cyber attacks and issues.

“The UK’s National Cyber Security Center has warned people not to use Windows 7 for internet banking or even emails”.

But its number of users has barely changed since January, with the OS still found on almost a quarter of PCs (24.28 percent

Now you can still do an in-place upgrade to Windows 10 from your Windows 7 machine and Windows 8 (that was a horrible operating system)


Upgrade to Windows 10 on your current system – please Contact Me if you would like to book me to make the upgrade for you from Windows 7 or Windows 8

So can you upgrade for free , yes but you need to cover off some potential issues.

  • How old is your Windows 7 computer – 8 – 10 years maybe a stretch
  • Is it running 32 bit Windows 7 – if you are then it maybe slow
  • Is your hard drive in good condition – get it tested by a reputable repair / IT person – CONTACT ME
  • Do you have enough ram – 8gb is preferable
  • Is it free of virus and malware ? – it may need to be checked
  • Is your antivirus compatible ? You may need to uninstall it before upgrading

Go to the Windows 10 media creation tool site which can assist with the next step of upgrading your current system.

Lastly you may need to buy a new computer – they have Windows 10 pre installed and new ones are infinitely quicker than the one you had with Windows 7

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