Windows 7 – End of Life – Contact Me For Assistance

Windows 7 – all good things come to an end and so does Microsofts support of Windows 7.

If you would like assistance with an upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 please CONTACT ME I offer a pickup and delivery service to install if you are in the metropolitan area which covers all the issues I list below that can occur with the upgrade plus I set Windows 10 up in the correct way. CONTACT ME for a quote and further explanation or if you want to book in.I also have a drop off and collection point in the Adelaide CBD.

Windows 7 support will finish in January 2020 – it seems a long way off but it is closer than you think and windows 7 has been around since 2009 – When support stops on a platform, it means it will no longer receive patches and when these exploits aren’t fixed – it is open season on your computer’s security.

Why is support ending such a concern:

  • No security updates – this means that you will vulnerable if you go onto the internet – this includes emails – these updates and patch fixes are the dam holding back a plethora of exploits and vulnerabilities that could bring your computer to a halt and place your data at risk .
  • No feature updates
  • Software will eventually stop supporting Windows 7 – as browsers are not supported in Windows XP


Upgrade to Windows 10 on your current system – please Contact Me to see if your current Windows 7 system can be upgraded.

So can you upgrade for free , yes but you need to cover off some potential issues.

  • How old is your Windows 7 computer – 8 – 10 years maybe a stretch
  • Is it running 32 bit Windows 7 – if you are then it maybe slow
  • Is your hard drive in good condition – get it tested by a reputable repair / IT person – CONTACT ME
  • Do you have enough ram – 8gb is preferable
  • Is it free of virus and malware ? – it may need to be checked
  • Is your antivirus compatible ? You may need to uninstall it before upgrading

Go to the Windows 10 media creation tool site which can assist with the next step of upgrading your current system.

Lastly you may need to buy a new computer – they have Windows 10 pre installed and new ones are infinitely quicker than the one you had with Windows 7

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