Windows 8 – Lets Address Your Concerns

I am always getting complaints about Windows 8.

It’s too hard to understand 

It doesn’t look the same as Windows XP

Where has the start menu gone? 

Nothing stays the same forever but lets start by saying Windows 8 is a great operating system , rock solid , doesn’t crash ( has not happened to me ) , secure ( unless you do something silly ) but there is one thing you should remember.

There is a learning curve

Here are my tips for a better Windows 8 experience until you get used to it.


Windows Store Icon

Windows Store Icon

Update to Windows 8.1 – do all your Windows updates , do all your Windows Store updates , reboot , go back to the Windows Store and then click on the icon to update to Windows 8.1 in the Windows store . It is a big update ( over 3GB )


Turn on boot to desktop , put shortcuts to your regular icons for programs that you use on your screen.

I like to put them on the left hand side of the screen 

How to Boot To Desktop – Windows 8.1 

Create Shortcuts To Desktop In Windows 8.1


Embrace the tiles.

Put the tiles you use on the left hand side of the screen , the ones you don’t use on the right hand side and remove the tiles you don’t use. With all the other copies of Windows you had it was all about getting it the way you wanted , Windows 8 is no different.

Organise Your Tiles – Windows 8.1

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