Windows Update – You Need To Check That It Is Working

Once a month its not a bad idea to check for any updates on Windows 10.

Most people think it is an automatic process but if you have an issue with your computer, updates may not be installing on your computer.

Windows 10 updates are found in the SETTINGS on your computer and while you are there have a look for OPTIONAL UPDATES, which can be manufacturers drivers etc that you need to install.

Windows updates are your first line of defence in getting an infection on your computer

Hackers target holes in the operating system which is why we have updates to plug those holes

So, what do you do when updates have not worked?

Restart the computer and do a scan of the computer with your antivirus and then try again to see if they will install. If they still do not update you need to get this looked at.

If you are having issues with Windows update and would like to get it fixed: Contact Me

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