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Users of Facebook and Snapchat can be surprised that their location is revealed when posting and Snapchat has especially come under scrutiny with their Snapmap feature.

So suppose you want to maintain privacy about your location , what steps do you have to go through ?

Should you be talking to your children about this ?


Step 1 – Remove Geotags From Your Pictures Before You Upload Them to Facebook

Step 2 – Disable Location Services for Facebook on Your Mobile Phone / Device

Leave the Facebook app and go to your iPhone’s Settings
Tap Privacy > Location Services
Scroll down and tap Facebook
Decide to allow location access Never or While Using the App

Step 3 – Enable the Facebook Tag Review Feature which will allow you to opt out if someone tags you on Facebook

Look for “Places on Facebook” to tell you where you have been on Facebook , it may surprise you


Snap Map is part of the latest update to Snapchat and shares a user’s exact location on a map, the time of day they were there and their speed of travel – you may want to turn this off

How To Turn Off Snap Map

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