Your Router – Is It Secure ?


Last year we had the dns malware changer issue that affected 300,000 around the world and received enormous publicity. What I will explain affects 80 million.


There is a problem with many routers which we use to access the internet

When you are on the internet it should be a one way experience , you can go out and access the internet but computers should not be able to access your router.

A 6 month study was conducted that revealed a vulnerability in the software on many routers being used.

The problem lies in Universal Plug n Play that allows networked devices, such as personal computers, printers, internet gateways, Wi-Fi access points and mobile devices to discover each other’s presence on the network ( make sure they can all see each other )  and establish a network for the sharing of data, communications, and entertainment.

Universal Plug n Play is turned on by default in many routers.

So what can happen?

Taking files from computers , taking full control of them , accessing webcams etc , in fact anything attached to the network

The fault lines in the software in the router that many companies have not patched / fixed

So What Can You Do?

Go to to test your router by clicking on the proceed button , then you will see the following on the next page.

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