Domain Names & Hosting

Looking to buy a Domain Name , Website Hosting and or an Email Package then buy them online by clicking here: Adelaide’s Techguy Domain Store

Buying a domain starts at :

  • $59 for 2 years for a domain name

Need Redirection For your Website

There is no charge for that

How To Buy Additional Services

Looking to buy hosting or email , here is a step by step guide

First you will need your user name and login for the administration side of your account which should have been emailed to you

Just follow the steps below and start by logging in on the top right hand corner

Accounts & Configuration

You will receive 2 logins for your account

One will control your administration side , such as renewal payments , the other will control the configuration side , such as emails , hosting etc

You will receive a user name and password for both and they will be different

The first time you logon you will have to change your password

Configure Emails

To configure your email account , you will need to either enter your settings into your email client , such as Outlook or your mobile or check your emails online.

Below are general settings for this

Incoming mail server
Outgoing mail server
Incoming 110
Outgoing 587

You can substitute your isp for the outgoing mail server as well
For example :

Put a tick in: My outgoing server requires authentication
User name is full email address

To access emails on the internet  go to www.
Enter your email address then password.
For yourdomainname substitute :

For further settings check out the videos below

For assistance with setup regular charges will apply

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