Android & Banking Malware – Things You Need To Know

Most of Australia’s major banks are being targeted by some potentially catastrophic malware on customers’ Android smartphones. This is another in a long list of recent attacks on the Android operating system Android/Spy.Agent.SI, as it’s been named, locks users’ phones when they open a banking app, redirecting them to a phishing server masquerading as the bank’s official site. Android/Spy.Agent.SI is targeting major banks in Australia. Westpac, Bendigo Bank, Commonwealth Bank, St. George Bank, National Australia Bank, Bankwest, Me Bank and ANZ Bank are all listed as under threat. The malware is distributed through infected apps, such as an update to Adobe Flash Player ( which is fake )which then ask for device administrator rights and are allowed access by unsuspecting users into nearly every corner of the Android operating system. From there, Android/Spy.Agent.SI can monitor a device’s phone number, text messages and IMEI data, and can act as a middleman… Read More

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