Image Your Hard Drive & Get Back Up & Running Quickly

So you have formatted your hard drive and :

  • reinstalled your operating system
  • updated your operating system
  • updated your drivers
  • installed your applications
  • updated all your applications
  • installed your anti virus solution
  • updated your anti virus solution

Now before you add your documents , why not copy /image / clone ( it’s all the same ) your hard drive so that if disaster strikes and you have to reinstall your operating system again it will not take long to get up and running if you have cloned your hard drive.

These software solutions will make a copy of your hard drive that you will be able to install if disaster strikes and you would like to go back to a nice pristine installation.

There are 2 FREE solutions to this EASEUS and DRIVE SNAPSHOT or you can use the built in one on Windows 7 

Windows 8 is different , here is a link to explain the differences

How Windows 8 backup system differs from Windows 7


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