Will You Buy The iPhone 5 On Friday ?

This coming friday , the 21st Sept , we will be able to buy the iPhone 5 , well at least to it sells out.

So lets look at some reasons why you may want to buy the iPhone 5.

Reasons To Buy The iPhone 5

  • Speed , it’s quick , Apple are saying this is a lot faster than the iPhone4s
  • iPhone 5 is now 9mm taller , its only 7.6mm thin , that’s 18% thinner = 20% lighter
  • Increased battery life , smartphones including iPhones are a one day proposition , the promised battery life will be a welcome benefit.
  • It will run on the 4G network , which means greatly increased browsing speed for the internet , email and your apps.
  • An improved camera with improved low light capabilities , panorama capable and facial recognition and an improved ) tougher ) lens
  • Improved audio – the iPhone 5 has 3 microphones – for phone calls and voice recording – and uses spectrum bandwidth to send a much better, higher fidelity version of your voice over the network ( You will sond better on your phone calls ). Telstra utilises this technology on its Next G network.
  • The screen has 44% better colour saturation which means it will look better
  • The new connector (the lightning connector) is reversible so you will always put it in the right way
  • New earphones which sit in the ear with side vents for improved acoustics and lets face it the last ones were awful.


The  iPhone 5 improves upon the same great design and it is a really good hardware upgrade with some design tweaks.

Would it be enough for people to swap their phones from Android to iPhone , probably not , especially if you were using one of the new Samsung phones such as the Galaxy S3 , however if you have had your Android phone for 2 years it would be worth a look.

So who upgrades to the iPhone 5 ?

  • People who have had their phone for 2 years or more and like the look of the iPhone 5 or have never had a smartphone
  • People who have an iPhone 4 and did not make the move to the iPhone 4S as they have had their phone for 2 years
  • People who cannot wait and just want the new iPhone 5

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