iPhone – iPad Myths

You can read lots of tips about the iPhone and iPad on the internet – some are correct others are not – lets look at some that are not Deleting photos and other data off your iPhone or iPad will speed it up. No, you will probably just lose data If you delete apps off your iPhone or iPad will it speed up. No, unless the app is doing a lot in the background Closing apps down speeds up your iPhone or iPad. No. It can actually slow it down and even use more battery when it needs to reload that app. Read more the full list of myths at ZDNET

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32 Bit Apps On A Mac – Have A Look Now

Running a mac – time to have a look at the 32 bits that need to go before the next operating system When macOS Mojave was announced, Apple warned that it would be the last version of macOS that would support older 32-bit apps. Apple has been phasing out 32-bit apps for years and is now ready to take the final step, even if Mac users may not be ready to lose access to older apps.Mac users of macOS Mojave would have been receiving warnings. In September, when macOS Catalina comes out, 32-bit app support will stop , meaning that many of your older 32 bit apps will stop working if they’re not updated to 64-bit. 32-bit apps date back to a time when there were 32-bit processors and 32-bit operating systems, but are now outdated. Compared to 32-bit apps, 64-bit apps can take advantage of more memory and offer… Read More

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Cyberflashing – Don’t Get Caught

Online safety experts have warned about a rise in new digital phenomenon known as “cyber flashing”, where explicit and abusive images are anonymously sent to strangers though iPhones. Cyber flashing has become prevalent in schools and in public places, with the iPhone’s AirDrop feature being exploited to share unsolicited pornographic and offensive images, among both children and adults. The AirDrop technology is used to allow one person to blast content on to the phones of anyone in a particular radius — usually 20 to 30 metres – via bluetooth and is a great idea for sharing photos and files between friends , macs , iPads & iPhones. How to use AirDrop Now what to do about Cyberflashing 1st talk to your kids about this and really anyone with an iPhone make sure your airdrop settings are set to Contacts Only or Receiving Off not everyone

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Facebook -Should We Really Trust Ads For Tech Product Recommendations

So you have seen an ad on facebook for a tech solution / product and think you may download it or buy it – well you really should think twice.

One of the latest examples that has returned is Mackeeper.

The ad features a photo of a knowledgable looking person that is supposedly a Mac expert

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Uninstall Programs On Windows Or Mac – What To Do ?

  When you uninstall programs from your Windows computer or your Apple computer you want to make sure you have removed ALL traces of the program. Most people will use the Programs and Features in Windows to uninstall software that they no longer use , however this will leave behind ” residue ” in the computer in the program files and in the registry. The same applies to the Mac with some of the program being left behind. That is why I recommend the following programs. Windows computers – Geek Uninstaller – The Free Edition – this also comes with a force removal which you can use when ” certain ” programs will not uninstall Mac computers – App Cleaner

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