Slow Down Your Draining iPhone Battery

There is nothing worse when your battery on your iPhone is running down and you of course do the obvious things:

  • Turn off push emails
  • Turn down screen brightness
  • Close out of your apps
  • But there is a new one , put your iPhone into greyscale mode

Greyscale mode is a setting that eliminates all colour on your iPhone’s screen by making the display black-and-white.

By not displaying any colour, your phone is saving battery and the setting also lowers the brightness on your phone, which we all know helps preserve its battery.iPhone 7 Plus Jet Black

Apple Announcements – Did They Excite Me ?

At the Apple WWDC today Apple made some significant announcements as they do at the WWDC every year.

New operating systems are coming for Macs – High Sierra and iOS11 for mobile devices – iPhones and iPads but they will not arrive until later this year.

A new iMac Pro will arrive in December – this should be well received for those that need a top end powerful workstation and it is clear that Apple are listening to its users.

New iPads will be available – the 10.5 inch iPad Pro and an updated 12.9 inch iPad Pro – they are quicker , a lot quicker , brighter screen with improved colour , improved camera.

A redesigned app store

The HomePod a speaker with Siri integration and one that promises great sound – integrated with Apple music – which will be available in December.

I am looking forward to High Sierra and iOS11 – especially some of the features of iOS11 such as:

Do not disturb while driving  “iPhone can detect when you may be driving and automatically silence notifications to keep the screen dark. Users have the option of sending an auto reply to contacts listed in Favorites to let them know they are driving and cannot respond until they arrive at their destination.”

Will I buy a new iPad ? – Maybe , as an owner of an iPad Pro 12.9 , I have to weigh up the new features but maybe I will wait till iOS11 is out.

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Issues With Your Computer , Tablet , Smartphone – The First Thing To Do

Restart Your Devices

Restart – yes – Restart

If you are having any issues with either your computer , tablet or smartphone – restart the device.

I increasingly come across people that do not ever restart their devices for weeks or months on end – this is not right.

Tablets or smartphones at least once a week , computers – Windows 7 – every day , Windows 10 every couple of days – Apple Computers – every couple of days

So what can restarting fix :

  • Software & Operating system updates
  • Network issues
  • Software not starting
  • Multiple issues

When in doubt restart

Mac Computer Not Running Well – Did You Install An Antivirus

If you are running a Mac computer and it is having issues and if you are running an antivirus , that maybe the cause.

Antivirus solutions on Macs can and do cause issues.

Uninstall the antivirus software and see if it fixes the issue. 

Remember Mac computers come with Gatekeeper which means that Non – Apple approved software will not be installed.

Do You Need Adobe Reader On A Mac ?

Apple computer owners – Do you need to install Adobe Reader for PDFs on your mac ?

The short answer is no – use Preview on the mac to do this

Preview is a great program and comes with Macs and saves you from the constant updating of another Adobe product

Want to learn all about the features of Preview – checkout this article from iMore – How to use Preview on Mac