Uninstall Programs On Windows Or Mac – What To Do ?

  When you uninstall programs from your Windows computer or your Apple computer you want to make sure you have removed ALL traces of the program. Most people will use the Programs and Features in Windows to uninstall software that they no longer use , however this will leave behind ” residue ” in the […]

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Apple Have Some Great Parental Controls For iOS12

Now that iOS12 is here from Apple , it is time to revisit a popular subject – Parental Control.

So what are some new features as a parent you can access on iOS12 using any iOS device that has been updated to iOS12 and remember lots of older iPhones and iPads can make the move.

Here’s a list of every Apple device that supports iOS 12

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So You Have Just Bought A New iPhone – How To Set It Up

So you have just bought a new iPhone and want to set it up and or transfer your information from your old iPhone or from your Android device to your new iPhone.

How do you do it ?

First make sure it has been backed up , my preference is to do it through iCloud.

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