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Theft Of iOS Devices Is Getting Harder

The implementation of iOS7 on iPads and iPhones has resulted in less devices being stolen.
iPhone 5S and 5C has resulted in Apple IDs being locked to the owner , which means that if your device is stolen , even if the device is wiped the first thing that will appear on the screen is a request for the old owners Apple ID and password.
In iCloud users should activate “Find my iPhone” , which enables remote tracking of devices through logging onto their Apple ID through and can:

  • See where their device is
  • Remote wipe that device
  • Display a message on that device
  • Make it ring when it is silent

Details on find my iPhone / iPad

What to do about Android devices?
Install Android Device Manager from the Google Play Store , this will enable you to locate your Android device , make it ring and remote wipe your device.

This will enable you to
Android – Put your information on your screen – Instructions Here

Problem With Windows And Microsoft

If you have are having computer problems and “Google” support it may pay you to know that the first few searches are usually ads for companies that say they are Microsoft support – but are not.
It pays you to be careful who you let log onto your computer remotely
( Lots are falling for this )


You get what you pay for
The higher price you pay for the printer the cheaper the ink becomes
Its all about getting the price per printing page down
Don’t turn them off after you have used them , let them just go to sleep , the restart process will use lots of ink , far more than the power to make it run
Your iPad / will see the printer if connected properly to the wifi network and if it is not too old
There is usually an app in the play store from the maker to print from your Android device or use Google cloud print
People run into issues when installing wifi printers by not getting the printer onto the network first

Storage In The Cloud
Lots of space , quiet secure , lots of options
We will tell you how to get 49GB of storage for free

Microsoft have announced that One Drive increased their storage to 15Gb in July and up to 1TB for Office 365 subscribers.

Details Here : One Drive Blog

Cloud Storage

Website Of The Week

Google Business

Make sure your business , details are listed and updated on this site 

It will help you with customers , publicity and if you have a website , Google ranking

Come And Hear Me

Come and hear me on Wed 2nd July at the Tea Tree Gully library, talking all things iPad

Details Here

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