How To Stop The Windows 10 Reminder & Upgrade

If you are running Windows 7 , 8 or 8.1 you may want to stick with your operating system and not make the move to Windows 10. There is currently a piece of software that will assist you with this the – GWX Control Panel – which it claims will help you do this. It will also stop the Windows 10 reminder. Remember Microsoft may in the future block this piece of software and you run this at your own risk. More information and details on how to do this can be found here at the How To Geek Site : How to Stop Windows 7 or 8 from Downloading Windows 10 Automatically

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Don’t Bother To Hide Your Network Name


I have seen a few wireless networks that have been set up where the SSID (Service Set Identifier) or your network name is hidden under the assumption that it will be more secure.

This means you take a device into the range of the router and the device will not see the router.

The article below will describe why this should not be done.

My main complaint with hiding the SSID is connection issues ( iPad in particular ).

More time should be spent making making sure your network with WPA2 and passwords that contain letters and numbers and not words out of a dictionary.

Debunking Myths: Is Hiding Your Wireless SSID Really More Secure? – How-To Geek.

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Speed up Your Computer By Stopping Programs Loading At Start Up

A common question I am asked is ” How do I speed up my computer and get it to boot quicker “ A large part of the answer is preventing programs loading at startup that do not need to load. This is enabling a selective start up in Windows rather than a normal startup when everything loads , takes up memory and system resources. So how do you do this? You need to learn all about MSCONFIG. There is a great article on this at the How To Geeks Site  However i am not a big fan of CC Cleaner for the average user so proceed with caution there. How To Disable Startup Programs In Windows

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