Password Managers – Which One & Why

Password managers are tools that help you store and manage your passwords securely. They can help you generate strong passwords and remember them for you so that you don’t have to use the same password for multiple accounts. This is important because if one account is compromised, the attacker will have access to all of your other accounts that use the same password. Password managers can also help you identify weak passwords and replace them with stronger ones. Password managers in some cases will inform you if your password is involved in a data breach , that most people have been They can also help you fill in login forms automatically, saving you time and reducing the risk of typos.Finally password managers can assist to protect you from phishing attacks by ensuring that you only enter your login credentials on legitimate sites.

So which ones do i recommend?

If you have a Google account , Google password manager is a great place to start.

Apple users can use iCloud to manage their passwords

Here are 4 other suggestions

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