Google Chrome Has A Safety Check Button

Google Chrome has a safety check button , have you ever used it? You can find it in the settings Of Google Chrome. Clicking on the safety check button does four things: Checks for Google... Read more

Don’t Lose Access To Your Facebook Or Google Account

Facebook and Google – I receive enquiries every week from people who lose access to their accounts. Why does this happen? Simply you have not secured the account. You have not turned on 2 factor... Read more

It’s World Password Day – We All Love Passwords

Today is world password day, which for many people are the annoyance of their lives. So, to celebrate here are some tips: Password Tips To Keep You Secure Try and use unique passwords for every... Read more

Scams – 3 Rules to Live by

Online scammers believe if they send out their scams to enough people, they’ll find a few people who will fall for it. So how do you avoid it Rule #1: If you’re not expecting it,... Read more


We all appear to shop online now but some people still fall for fraudulent sites or do the wrong thing so here are some tips. Only Shop on Sites Using HTTPS when you go to... Read more

Email Addresses – Why Do I Get Junk

People always wonder why their email address receives junk email from unusual sources such as Bitcoin. The big issue is that most email accounts have been breached in cyber-attacks on companies that you would have... Read more

ZIP Files – You Need To Be Careful

Zip files – first of all, what are they ? Zip files are compressed files that are used to pack one or more computer files into a single file or folder which takes up less space. However, I have recently seen several serious issues... Read more

VPN’s – Can They Protect You From Malware

VPNs appear to advertise that they are a security solution to not getting your computer infected. So, will installing a VPN prevent you from getting malware / virus infections? In a word, no, there really... Read more

WhatsApp – Keep Your Number Out Of Google

Most people do not want their phone number becoming public knowledge. For the many out their using WhatsApp there is a concern that your number could be displayed in Google search, so what do you... Read more