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What Is Malvertising ?

Love this graphic that explains Malvertising from Malwarebytes

So what is Malvertising ?

Stands for Malicious advertising that infects your computer with malware and in many cases popup ads that will not go away.

So how do you get it .You visit a website – the threats lie in the ads and these ads ( selected ones ) are designed to infect peoples computers

So how do you protect yourself – your computer from Malvertising.

An Adblocker combined with an effective antivirus solution will help combat this currently.

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Not Sure If You Are Infected – Try The Malicious Software Removal Tool

Microsoft have software to remove malware and virus infections and is updated every month through Windows update.

However there are no indications of how to run it through the program menu.

If you suspect you may have an infection it is worthwhile running it.

So how do you run it?

First you need to enter – MRT – in the search of either Windows 7 , 8 , or 10

A description will then appear

Then choose the type of scan you would like .

I would pick the full scan which can take several hours to run.

At the end you will see the results.

Remember this is not a replacement for your antirus software or for not keeping your operating system and software up to date.

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5 Signs Your Computer Maybe Infected With Malware

Think you may have something wrong with your computer ?

Here are 5 signs that your computer maybe infected with malware.

1.Pop-Up ads appearing on your computer.

  • Advertisements , messages about discount offers, surveys, dating.
  • Ads telling users that there is a problem with their computer system or their bank account information is expiring.

  • These ads can have hidden spyware inside them and an infection may result in identity theft and financial loss.

2.New Programs You Know Nothing About Suddenly Appearing On Your Computer

  • Suddenly you have unknown programs appearing when you boot up your computer?  Then it is probably a malware infection that was installed previously with some other software. These can appear when you install “free ” software a source of infections as to install the software that you want you will receive software that you do not want or have agreed to.

3.Your Antivirus Stops Working

  • If it has stopped working it is a sure sign you are infected – so it pays to check that it is on and working 

4.Your Web Browser Is Out Of Control

  • You have new search engines as defaults or you are visiting random websites that you did not search for 

5.Boot Time On Your Computer

  • Your computer suddenly takes a longer time to boot – the worst i have seen was 45 minutes 

If you have these issues please CONTACT ME to assist you in solving these issues


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2 Examples of Fake Emails You Should Delete

Below you will find examples of 2 fake emails that are designed to get you to click links in them.

Do not do this !

They are designed to get you to go to sites where you will be compromised 

So if you click on ” Log in to my account , where will you go ?

You will be redirected to a site that is NOT Telstra , and had the extension .ua which is the Ukraine and last I heard Telstra do not have any offices there.

I have highlighted some of the areas of concern 
I have highlighted some of the areas of concern 

Are You Suffering From Gooligan ?

Do you have an Android phone running Android 4 (KitKat, Jellybean) or 5 (Lollipop) ?

Then you maybe at risk of being hit by being hit by “Gooligan” – Android malware 

“Gooligan” enters devices when Android users download apps from non-Google or Android authorised app stores when we all know they should get apps from the Google Play Store

“Gooligan” had accessed 1.3 million Google accounts since August 2016 and continued to grow at a rate of 13,000 breaches a day, according to the Check Point article.

Check Point has claimed the breach is potentially the biggest single theft of Google accounts on record.

“The malware roots infected devices and steals authentication tokens that can be used to access data from Google Play, Gmail, Google Photos, Google Docs, G Suite, Google Drive, and more,” Check Point wrote in a blog post.

It then forces the Google Account on your device to give fake reviews to apps and notch fake advertisement views.

So how do you know if you have Gooligan ?

Check Point have a tool on their page – Gooligan Checker 

Also look at their article on Gooligan at Check Point which also lists apps that can infect your device and remember if you do have Gooligan it will require a clean install of your Android device

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Sometimes The Router Can Infect Your Devices

Your router can infect your computer , smartphone and tablet.

I recently saw a client that had tried 2 other places to get the pop ups and malware from their computer cleared.

They delivered their laptop to me and I kept it for 2 days and gave it a clean bill of health after fixing all the issues that the others had left behind.

They collected the laptop took it home and two days later called me and said everything had returned. 

This time I went to their home and then they explained that they were also having issues with their iPad and smartphones as well which were experiencing browser hijacks , numerous freezes and messages saying they were infected and that maybe they should have told me that before ( they had explained to the other two )

I reset the browsers on the portable devices , hooked all devices up to my portable 4G wifi solution and there were no more pop ups etc on any device , which meant the infection was coming from the router and every time they accessed the internet it would infect all the devices.

I reset the router back to factory settings , installed the update and they are fine now.

If it was to continue a new router would be advisable , especially on the ones that are a few years old and when resetting make sure you do the updates.

So the lesson from this is that routers are susceptible to infections as well , keep them updated and learn how to reset them.