Text Messages – How to Back Them Up – Android & IOS

Text Messages , Android or iOS , we never seem to want to lose them , we don’t want to lose them and we want to transfer them between phones but how do you do it ?


For iPhones to ensure you have them backed up use iCloud – yes i know they only give you 5GB of space but I look at paying the $1.49 a month as an insurance policy so that your phone is always backed up under WiFi.

You will first need to turn on 2 factor authentication on your Apple account – a wise thing to do.

Here are some instructions : Turn On 2 Factor Authentication

Then on your messages for iCloud

Here are some instructions :Keep All Your Messages In iCloud


In Android you need to know your Gmail account and password – you should always know this

Here are instructions on how to back up your text messages in Android:How to Back Up Your Text Messages To Your Gmail Account

While you are doing this how about you secure your Google account

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