How To Delay Sending An E Mail In Gmail & Outlook

Sometimes you may just want to delay sending an email.

  • Regret typing the email
  • Notice a typing error at the last minute

 You can do this in G Mail and Outlook


  • Open settings 
  • Go to labs
  • Then enable ” Undo Send”

This will give you a few seconds to get the email back.


You need to create a rule in Outlook that will delay the email by seconds or minutes.

In Office 2010

  • Go to Rules
  • Manage Rules & Alerts
  • New Rule
  • Start From A Blank Rule
  • Apply Rule On Messages I Send
  • Click Next
  • Sent On This Computer Only
  • Defer Delivery By A Number Of Minutes
  • Enter The Minutes
  • Click Next
  • Enter Any Exceptions To The Rule
  • Give The Rule A Name

 Click Finish

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