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How To Delay Sending An E Mail In Gmail & Outlook

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Delay the mail

Create a rule in outlook

Sometimes you send an e-mail and see a typo just a moment too late. Or notice that you did a Reply All and didn't mean to (we warned you). Pushing a button to cancel sending is not usually an option outside of corporate e-mail systems. But you can work around that.

Gmail Labs, for example, now offers Undo Send. If you click that Undo link a few seconds after sending, the message won't go out. But be warned: You get only 5 seconds.

Microsoft Outlook can be set up to mimic this undo function as well, using a rule that defers sending by seconds or minutes. That way you have time to realize the mistake and go fix it first. You can set up the rule by going to Tools, then Rules and Alerts. Start a blank rule that will "Check messages after sending." Click Next until you're warned about the rule working on all messages—that's what you want. The next screen should have an option to "defer delivery by a number of minutes." Pick a number, click OK, then Next. Skip the exceptions, name the rule, and click Finish.

Sometimes you may just want to delay sending an email.

  • Regret typing the email
  • Notice a typing error at the last minute

 You can do this in G Mail and Outlook


  • Open settings 
  • Go to labs
  • Then enable ” Undo Send”

This will give you a few seconds to get the email back.


You need to create a rule in Outlook that will delay the email by seconds or minutes.

In Office 2010

  • Go to Rules
  • Manage Rules & Alerts
  • New Rule
  • Start From A Blank Rule
  • Apply Rule On Messages I Send
  • Click Next
  • Sent On This Computer Only
  • Defer Delivery By A Number Of Minutes
  • Enter The Minutes
  • Click Next
  • Enter Any Exceptions To The Rule
  • Give The Rule A Name

 Click Finish

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